Academic Year

Academic Year

Description. The Academic Year is a language and culture course that stretches over 32 weeks. During these weeks the language course is supported by various thematic cultural lessons. Regarding the language portion of the program, in addition to the standard course (20 lessons per week for a total of 480 lessons), 2 Exam Preparation courses are included in which students are able to test for two certificates of proficiency in Italian (the first after about 8 weeks of the start of the course, the second during the final part of the course). In addition to the lessons (80 in total), the cultural aspect of this course requires students to create a final written work in which they will have the opportunity to explore the themes that have interested them most during the course.

Objectives. The goal of this course is to accompany growth in language skills with a certain depth of cultural knowledge. The cultural lessons touch on various topics throughout the year. At the end of the course students will have to choose which topic is most interesting to them and relay their thoughts in their final written work.

Who it's for. This course is for those who want to follow a path of steady daily progression.



32 WEEKS - 650 Lessons (course n. 321)



480 standard lessons
80 exam preparation lessons (course certification)
2 language skills certification exams


  • History of Art
  • Italian Cuisine
  • Introduction to Italian design and fashion
  • Cinema and Literature
  • Italian Economy
  • History of contemporary Italy

You can choose between:

  • a single or double room in a shared apartment with other students;
  • a single or double room in a host family apartment including breakfast;
  • a single or double room in a host family apartment including half-board (breakfast and dinner)

Price of accommodation for 32 weeks (223 nights):

  • double room in a host or in a shared apartment with breakfast included: € 3,122;
  • additional fees for September course, including the Christmas Holidays: € 196;
  • additional fees for single room and half board with a host family: see housing prices



Class size: 14 max
Lessons: 45’ each lesson
Beginners: Click to see dates.
Registration fee: 70€ (valid for 12 months).


  • Textbook and study materials
  • Online textbook with additional exercises
  • Placement test and interview
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Individual guidance and support (by the school board)
  • Free Internet and WiFi access
  • Art History Guided Tours
  • Italian History lessons
  • Italian Literature lessons
  • Projections of the most representative italian films
  • Lesson of pronunciation (every two weeks)