Fashion History Course

Fashion History Course

Description. This course consists of a series of lessons (6 per week) that trace the history of fashion with particular attention to the twentieth century and the recent years. During lessons that focus on the twentieth century, students will address the major trends, the most significant fashion designers, and the most important moments in the development of an industry that has acquired an ever increasing role and a place in culture and economy. Next, during the theory portion, students will participate in a wide range of activities that aim to deepen also the practical aspects of working and production.

Objectives. This course aims to introduce students to the world of fashion by analyzing all aspects (artistic, cultural, and economic) of a sector that has become crucial in some countries, including Italy.

Who it’s for. The lessons are aimed at both those who simply want to learn about the world of fashion and those who want to know it in-depth and perhaps go on to have a professional career. The Fashion History Course is proposed as a starting point within a specific high level training.



1 WEEK - 6 Lessons (course n. 635)
EXTRA WEEK - 6 Lessons



Class size: 3 min
Lessons: 45’ each lesson
Level: elementary - proficient
Accommodation is not offered for students who do not participate in an Italian language course.
Registration fee: 70€ (valid for 12 months).