Design, Painting and Decoration Courses

Design, Painting and Decoration Courses

Description. Each course lasts one week and is divided into 3 2-hour sessions or 2 3-hour sessions. Classes are held in the afternoon among the most beautiful locations in Rome (i.e. churches, ancient buildings). Students, led by specialized teachers, will learn how to use special techniques of artistic production and create their own pieces. The courses that the school offers are: a) Design - drawing and painting; b) Decoration; c) Drawing Rome.

Design (drawing and painting): materials and painting technique; chiaroscuro (the effects of light and shade); still life.

Decoration: paint effects (sponging, glaze, patina/lacquer); stencils (hand print motifs); faux marble (red porphyry).

Drawing Rome: a traveling class in which, everyday, the teacher and students choose a different place to stop and draw.

Objectives. This course aims to provide an opportunity to experience art actively and in full. The art lessons are designed in such a way that they enable participants to acquire particular techniques and be able to create their own work.

Who it’s for. This course is designed for those who love to paint and draw - for those who wish to improve their skills under the guidance of experienced hands. This course is suitable also for those who do not have any previous experience and are willing to try something new in a unique place.



1 WEEK - 6 Lessons (course n. 635)
EXTRA WEEK - 6 Lessons



Class size: 4 min
Lessons: 45’ each lesson
Level: elementary - proficient
Accommodation is not offered for students who do not participate in an Italian language course.
Registration fee: 70€ (valid for 12 months).