Free Time Activities

Free Time Activities

Students join together and get to know the city, meet Italians and experience Art and Culture in Rome. Leisure activities are events organized by the school to allow students to meet with each other and interact after their Italian lessons. Program Managers for these activities are teachers from Scuola Leonardo da Vinci who work together with the Administration Staff to organize and accompany students on events.

Some free time activities offered by the school are:

  • Tandem. Italian apertif at a restaurant in the historical center of Rome to chat with Italians in Italian. The popular weekly language exchange is an event that will be hard to miss.
  • Dinner. Every week held at a restaurant or pizzeria and each time a different place. Get to know other students and spend an evening eating and drinking delectable Italian food and wine.
  • Art History Guided Tour. Once a week, at the end of lessons, the school offers a free tour about the history of art in Rome. A professional guided tour of various locations throughout the city center among the monuments of Ancient Rome, the figures of the Renaissance and Baroque influences.
  • Movies. Cinematic viewings held at the school alternating Italian classics with most recent and successful films. Cinema Under the Stars. Throughout the summer, in addition to the in-school screenings, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci organizes evening trips to some of the many open-air cinemas in the historical center of Rome. This gives students the opportunities to discover new places and seeing a fascinating show.
  • History. A series of lessons to discover the last 150 years. Each lesson is devoted to one of the milestones of Italian history starting from the Italian Revolution up until present time.
  • Literature. These Literature lessons lend the opportunity to get in touch with some of the great work by major authors. It is a series of lectures including analysis of certain texts proposed by teachers with specific university training.
  • Pronunciation. Every two weeks a free lesson of pronunciation is offered to start becoming familiar with the sounds of the Italian language and/or try to improve your diction.



Scuola Leonardo da Vinci organizes activities and lectures related to special occasions and events occurring throughout the city. Among them are:

  • Lectures and film courses at the Rome Film Festival
  • Lessons and courses in art and art history for the opening of new exhibitions or special openings of museums.
  • Fashion lessons during Fashion Week in Rome.